Product Photography on White Background

Create Photos on white background that drives high sales for your business. According to the expert photographers, white background shoots brings out the best in your product, if you see ecommerce websites, you would find mostly business owners opt for product photography with complete white background, it looks eye-cache, because every visitor firstly check images then showing interest for buying products.

If we use colored background photos, it appears perfect, but due to the overshadow the creation shifting the focus from them and occasionally even dimming and ugly. If you are business owner, so first thing you need to make your product photography look amazing and turn your leads into customers.

Here are few easy tips helps you to master white background photography, when you are in studio.

  • Using Proper Light Meter
  • Keep distance between product and backdrop
  • Use a seamless backdrop
  • Use your own lightbox
  • Use Solid white background to avoid distractions
  • Use expensive camera and lens for high key photography

White Background creates distraction free screen and perfect shots of your products. Our techniques help to focuses the viewer’s attention on your subject. If you want to create a perfect high key photograph then white background is not mandatory, you need only one important ingredient that is light , because white background doesn’t appear white in photo, lt looks like grey color. To create solid white background, then you completely overexpose your subject and background, that means you need much more lightening at the time of shoots, than on your foreground subject; about 16 times more light (or four stops of light).


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