Top 10 Universities for Master’s in Business Analytics

Business analytics means an evaluation of past business performance to get valuable insights. It uses the data (information) intended to drive further business planning. As you can imagine, every business in the world wants to grow. Increasing productivity and employee morale are good but not enough. So if there is nothing to work upon, what’s all the hard work for?


No matter how big or small an organization may be, it needs business analytics to grow. Otherwise, it’s just guessing and so-called luck. Due to the constant involvement of the business industry and partnership among one another, business analytics is almost mandatory. Analyzing your business gets you the relevant information you need.

Business Analytics Masters

Abroad universities offer different kinds of business analytics master programs. They are all MS degrees that are standard or combined with big data or data science. In addition, you can find some exceptional partnered business analytics master programming in Europe. Such courses are very directional and used to learn a specific skill.


There are three kinds of analytics that a business analytics course comprises. These are; descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Descriptive analytics is used to see what has happened. Predictive analytics shows what could happen. And lastly, prescriptive analytics is used to determine what should happen in future.

Master in Business Analytics: Top Institutes

The master’s programs in business analytics use data-driven strategies and performance. The students learn about changes and developments necessary to transform the business industry and the way of doing things. Therefore, we must consider top-quality business schools for the best institutes offering business analytics masters. The best institutes for business analytics masters are primarily from the USA and Europe.


Top 10 Institutes for Masters in Business Analytics;


Rank Institute Name Program
1 Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of  Business Analytics
2 UCLA (Anderson) MS in Business Analytics
3 Ecole Polytechnique/HEC Paris MSc Data Science for Business X
4 ESSEC/CentraleSupelec Master in Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA)
5 Imperial College Business School MSc Business Analytics
6 ESCP Business School MSc in Big Data and Business Analytic
7 Texas (McCombs) MSc in Business Analytics (MSBA)
8 USC (Marshall) MSc in Business Analytics
9 ESADE Business School MSc in Business Analytics
10 Manchester (Alliance) Masters Business Analytics


Most of the top b schools for business analytics masters are in the USA. Being the #1 business hub of the world, the USA hosts schools like MIT, UCLA, McCombs and many more exceptional options. These b schools are recognized globally and praised for their business studies. So if you have enough qualifications and resources, the USA could be the best option for you.


French business schools have always been the top names in business and management. They dominate as sole providers of top management programs for management studies. Pursuing a business analytics master’s degree from France is no less than doing it in the USA. Institutes like Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris offer a joint-degree program, MSc Data Science for Business X. Opting for this can grant you access to an immense network and education.


The UK is yet another good option for a master’s in business analytics. UK business schools are very specialized and offer top courses in the subject. The best thing about this country is that you get one-year business analytics courses. They end fast and grant you quick access to the industry. So if you want an affluent lifestyle and one of the top b schools to study, the UK is your choice.



Business Analytics is a business STEM course. Here you learn various components of business and analytics. When you select a location and business school, consider the industry first. These courses only thrive in a well-developed country with good company.


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