How High to Hang a Dart Board from Floor?

If you’re looking to put up your dartboard in accordance with Official Dartboard Regulations, this article is for you. This post will provide all the dimensions such as distance between the throwline and the dartboard and the distance of the wall from floor level to bullseye. No matter if you’re hanging the dartboard on an electronic device or a regulatory board, these measurements are the same. The only exception is soft and the steel tips of darts. In this situation you’ll have to move the line of throwback 3/4 inch. This article will show you how high you can hold a dart board away from the flooring

How high to hang a dart board from the floor?

The best place to hang a dart board

Don’t hang a dartboard near a door or glass, or any other items that are fragile to minimize the chance of getting injured. Locate a space that is free of obstructions like the basement, games room or within the yard. The area must be at five-foot-wide as well as 11 feet tall. Darts can bounce up to 8 feet away from the bull’s-eye, so be sure that you’ve made the appropriate arrangements. To shield your walls, it is possible to hang your dartboard on plywood that is covered by the wall.

Here is the info guide to learn how far do you stand from dartboard



Flooring has been a troublesome space that darts players have a hard time with. Stone, concrete flooring, and tile can cause damage to dart hubs and dull the points. Don’t shoot darts onto wooden, linoleum or vinyl flooring unless you intend to aerate your flooring. Darts that fall can cause holes in these floorings.

Put a dartboard on a wall

The dartboard should be fitted with a bracket on the back of the board to hang it against the wall. Make use of a tool to locate a stud to find a sturdy location for your dartboard to be hung. Utilize screws made of wood as opposed to nails since they are designed to fit in the timber and make better holes. The threads inside screws prevent sliding, swaying, and falling down of the dartboard. Make sure your dartboard is level with the wall and it’s not leaning any way.

Dartboard length from floor to bull’s eye

The height that is officially recognized for dartboards from floor level to the bullseye is 5 feet. 8 inches (1.73 m). This is eye level for a person with a height of 6. If you are playing with soft tip darts throwing lines ( oche) should be 7 feet. 9 1/4 in (2.73 meters) from the edge of the dartboard. The distance is raised to 8 feet with the steel tips. This measurement should be taken from the front of the dartboard. It does not include the space between Dartboard as well as the walls. Below, you will find official measurements that will help you hang your dartboard in the correct way.

A regulation dartboard measures 17 3/8 inches (451 millimeters) in diameter and has 20 sections that are radial. Centre Bull Height – 5 feet. 8 inches’ minimum throwing distance (b) 7 feet 9.25 In (soft edge) and 8 feet. (steel edge) Diagonal Centre Bull to Back of Oche 9 feet. 7.5 in height of Raised Oche 1.5 in Height of Raised Oche 1.5 in length of Raised Oche 2 feet. 1 at The conversion factor is 0.3937 in.

How to hang a Dartboard without nails or screws?

It could be necessary for your dartboard to be hung with no screws or nails if you reside in an apartment or condominium. Although following the manufacturer’s installation directions is highly advised however, there are times when we have to look for alternative ways to achieve the desired result. Here are some ways to hang your dartboard, without making holes into the wall. Prop an enormous (and sturdy) chunk of wood against the wall, and then hang your dartboard on this piece of wood. A little kindness can go a long way. Beg, plead or plead with your landlord. They may be willing to accept a concession when you don’t create into the wall.

Put a dart board on a concrete wall

Screws for masonry can be used to fixate cement and concrete walls. They are available in any of the nearby hardware shops. Put your dartboard up using an adhesive of commercial quality similar to liquid nails. Attach a 1/2 ” piece of plywood as an additional backboard. Connect the dartboard to the backboard.

Dartboard measurements and rules

The most common international dartboard is also known by the name of “clock” dartboard. The dartboard’s standard measurement is 18 inches wide and includes 20 numbered pie-shaped pieces of equal size, and the bull’s eye. Each number-coded segment is two rings that is located on the outside of the scoring zone and an inside three-ring (which count as triple and double of the same number, respectively). The bull’s-eye is comprised of an outer zone (also called the single bull that is scored at 25) and an inner bull (also called double bull’s-eye with a score of 50).

Dart Board Height 5 feet. 8 inches from the floor to the middle of the bull’s-eye. Distance from the front of the dartboard up to the throwing line 7 ‘ 9 1/4 Soft Tip 8 feet0 inches. To mark the line of throw simply a strip of tape can suffice. Major tournaments require an “hockey” made of a, raised piece of wood, approximately 1 1/2 inches in height (see the diagram below). Mounting: Flush it to the wall, but not leaning in the manner of an image, with 20th of the. Placement: Since darts typically bounce off the dartboard, do not place a dartboard near broken windows or other breakables or in a place where people can move in between the line of throw and your dartboard. If you also have a floor that is hard, such as wood or concrete then you might want to consider purchasing dart mats. Dart scoreboards should be placed to either the either the left or right side of the dart board to make it easy for access.





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