How to pitch a tent

Setting up a family size tent can be difficult and time consuming, but it is not impossible. With just two people, pitch your tent and save it. Before packing your things and leaving the house, make sure you are carrying everything: fabric, steaks and posts. In that case, don’t forget to bring a malt or a hammer and a roll of duct tape.

You will need:

  • Poles
  • Malt or hammer
  • The wire

Steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you arrive at your camp site before dark. Tenting in the dark, or with a flashlight or lantern, can certainly take time, it can be dangerous or even less painful if you sleep on your lost cane while clearing the camping area. You may also be interested in: camping tents hub

Clear the area where you are going to camp. Clean all rocks and sticks. If you sleep on top of one, it can be painful or painful later, and when you pitch a tent, it can even trip you.
3.Most tents come with specific instructions, but start by placing the tent on the ground and tying it to different poles with different wires. Once you are organized, take the stakes and insert them into the loops or ribbons at the top of the tent. This requires the help of two people working on opposite sides of the store.

4.Pick up the tent and save the stake by rolling it in the ground. Rotate it until the front door faces the desired direction.

5.Lay the tent floor so that there are no wrinkles when working from opposite directions to the tent. If the region is very uniform then it may take some time.

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How to camp in the rain

If you are planning to go camping, but it is raining where you have decided to escape, you should be prepared to pitch your tent. Whether you go to the mountains or to the beach, one of these common summer storms can kill you and ruin everything. That’s why, at, we offer you some tips on camping in the rain. Don’t let anything ruin your journey!

Steps to follow:

1.Equipment. Store your suitcase with proper rain gear. Even if it’s summer, remember to bring some warm, raincoat or waterproof clothing. Also, always have an umbrella with you.
Give When pitching your tent, avoid putting it under trees or bushes. Imagine that in the event of a lightning storm, rocks falling or strong winds, trunks or branches may fall on your camping tent. That way, you’ll be keeping away from potential animals that may live in the branches of any tree.

3.If it starts to rain, do not lean against the walls of the tent or put anything that can put pressure on it. Otherwise, water may accumulate around it and pass through the tent walls. In any case, if you are a camping fan, you should buy a waterproof tent to avoid other disappointments.

4.With canvas you can create a space outside the store, attached. That way, in case of rain, you can cook in this place or be more comfortable without having to stay inside the tent all the time. You will appreciate it.

5.When you place the canvas, remember to tighten it, otherwise water may accumulate on the roof and block the path. He believes that water can be very heavy and when the canvas breaks it can flood everything. Be very careful.

6.We recommend that you install a small channel around your tent. This is a good technique to stop the rain. It should be about 20 cm wide and 20 cm deep, and it should go around your tent. This way you will make sure that rainwater collects in the gutter and you avoid getting your tent wet.

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Thoroughly dry the tent before storing it. This will prevent the moisture from spoiling.

What is glamping?

We all know what it means to go camping: to connect with nature, to sleep in a tent inside a sleeping bag, to do something without our daily comforts (by luxury I mean things like soft surfaces on which to sleep) and Get a little closer to our natural state. But age or spirit often does not make these experiences as good as we would like. Is there a solution? Here’s the thing: at we tell you what glamping is.
Camping + Glam

The word glamor comes from a combination of “glamor” and “camping”, which makes it very clear what this new trend in tourism is: camping, yes, but with glamor. That is, move the tent to the middle of nature (although there are other ways like cabin or tree house), but it should be big, there should be beds or mattresses, to prevent the entry of insects, electricity more luxury Comfort and glamor, in general.

Popular among celebrities
Glamping has been around for years, but it didn’t become popular until married couple Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds chose this type of camping for their honeymoon. Everyone was surprised that the couple decided to spend their days like this, until it became clear that this was not just a camping: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, a luxurious glamorous place in Canada.

More luxurious and more expensive.
And that is, although glamorous for all tastes and pockets, the fact is that the prices of those who really feel glamor and luxury are taboo. This is what you have to be able to camp like an Indian Maharaja in a cabin in the desert or in the forest but with a fireplace, private bathroom and luxury bed. Prices can be as high as 1,000 a night.
Also at the music festival

If you’ve only camped once at a music festival and you’re thinking maybe you’re a little old for that, then you have another option before you fall into a hotel. Many festivals have also begun to include shining areas: they provide tents, which often have electric and soft surfaces for sleeping, so you can find a place or set it up and take it down. There is no need to struggle. Everything looks a little better, right?

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