Cracking the Geyser Repairing Service Secret

It is hard to imagine life without running hot water, particularly in the peak winter season. Geyser is what we depend on to provide us with warm water for all of our day-to-day activities in our kitchen and bathroom. However, yet most of us do not pay the need for the regular maintenance of this vital appliance. 

This is generally not a big deal. A good geyser from a quality brand that is installed with precision and perfection can usually operate flawlessly for 15 to 20 years. Therefore, the secret to a reliable and seamless geyser operation is the accurate installation by a professional plumber.

An improper installation and lack of maintenance for an extended period of time, however, can lead to many complications and resultantly, your unit can develop problems from time to time. 

While some geyser problems are minor that you can fix using DIY methods, major problems require specialized expertise and knowledge and should be left only to a reliable geyser repair technician.

Here are the common oversights that may cause your geyser to malfunction or lead to a total unit failure.  

The Build-up of Sediment 

Over time, the natural minerals that the water contains settle at the bottom of the tank of your geyser. If left unattended, they may lead to problems overheating that may cause the unit to explode in worst-case scenarios.

Faulty/Incorrectly Set thermostat: 

The thermostat is one of the critical components of a geyser that is responsible for regulating the water temperature to adjust for fire safety and preventions.. 

If the thermostat is not functioning accurately or if it is set too high, it may result in too much internal pressure, which, if reached at its peak, could cause a geyser explosion. 


Geysers commonly used in Pakistan are mainly manufactured with metal, which generally develops corrosion after years of use. Increased levels of corrosion in your geyser can compromise the integrity of its water tank and require a total unit replacement.  

Faulty Pressure-Relief Valve  

Like a thermostat manages the water temperature, a pressure-relief valve is responsible for regulating the water pressure. 

When the water reaches a certain level, this valve releases some of its amount in order to bring down the pressure. If the valve is not functioning properly, it may result in excessive pressure that could cause the geyser to burst. 

How to Keep Your Geyser in Top Shape

Here are some tips that can help you keep your geyser in top shape, running at peak efficiency all year long and maximizing its life expectancy.

Have it Regularly Serviced:

Like all other appliances in your house, your geyser requires maintenance for optimal operation. 

It is recommended to have a geyser tuned up by a professional plumber every three years. The maintenance should include regular check-ups of the element, thermostat and valve, removal of any dirt or sediment and repair of any minor leaks. 

Maintain an Acceptable Temperature: 

Whatever the weather conditions might be, avoid increasing the temperature of your geyser above 60 °C.

Install a Drip Tray: 

Make sure your geyser has an accurately installed drip tray to minimize damage caused by excess water by directing it to the overflow pipe.

Trusted Geyser Repairing Services You Can Count On

At Service Square, we have years of experience, knowledge and equipment to take care of all types of water heater problems.  

No matter what the type, make or model of your geyser and what has gone wrong with it, you can trust us to get it repaired accurately and efficiently. 

Our expert technicians will make a precise diagnosis of the problem and make lasting repairs that will ensure that your geyser performs at its maximum potential for many years to come. 

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