Avoid Doing And Buying These Things On Tuesday

Shopping has become one of the most important parts of each and every person’s life we tend to do shopping whenever we wherever we want. In ancient times also people were doing shopping for themselves but, they were also providing a great deal of importance about whether it is going with this art of astrology or not but, in this period of time people are normally seen to avoid or being ignoring this aspect of this field of astrology due to which there is great arise in the problems which are occurring in their life because it is obvious that this art of astrology will surely have something related to this cause of shopping due to which we are here with this article in this we are going to provide different kinds of details from which you are able to know that which kind of this you should while you are doing your shopping on the day of Tuesday so if you will with till end then you are going to know that if you avoid all these things then you are able to save yourself from too many different kinds of problems which can possibly occur in your life if you don’t follow them.

  1. Makeup Kit –

If you are the fellow who is having different kinds of issues whether in your love relationship or in your married relationship then as per this art of astrology it can be guided to you that this can be the result of buying makeup products on the day of Tuesday because, in this art of astrology buying any kind of makeup product is considered to be inauspicious and due to this reason, it is very likely to say that it is going to affect you each and every kind of relationship.

  1. Clothes having black color –

It is obvious that the color from which you are being surrounded also has one of the most major effects over your life due to which with the help of this art of astrology it can be guided to you that should most or compulsorily avoid black color anywhere on the body because there is a high possibility that it can arise numerous problems in your life.

  1. Iron Products –

It is should be known by you that this day of Tuesday is well known as mangalwar in the Hindi language which means something lucky due to which it is being highly suggested to you that if you don’t want to attract unnecessary problem towards you then you should avoid keeping things which are being made with the iron-like nail cutter, knife, fork, etc. Because, as per the art of Vastu Shastra such sharp things can create problems for you.

  1. Ingredients of havan –

As per this art of astrology, it is being highly guided to you that performing any kind of havan on this day of Tuesday is going to make you that place or your life the beacon of the problems due to which you can consult any astrologer they all will suggest you that you avoid any kind of shopping related to any kind of ingredients of hawan.

Avoid performing the following things on the day of Tuesday –

  1. Do not Shave –

With the help of this art of astrology it can be known that this day of Tuesday is being ruled by the planet of Mars and due to which it is being known that it does not go good with sharp things due to which it is being guided to you that you should avoid doing any kind of grooming on this day of Tuesday.

  1. Don’t cook urad dal –

It is being known with the help of this art of astrology it can be known that this urad dal is working well with the planet of Mercury and as mentioned above that this day of Tuesday is being ruled bu the planet of mars and with the help of astrology, it can be known that both of these planets of Mercury and Mars do not go well with each other due to which if you want to avoid problem then you should steer clear of this thing.

So, these are all the following this of which you should take into consideration before buying them because it is obvious that no person on this whole Earth would want to attract unwanted problems in his or her life because we all are already dealing with our own different kinds of problems of our life. So, if you feel like if you have bought something which is causing problems in your life or you are facing any other kind of problem in your life and need any kind of help from an astrologer then you should feel free to consult your problems with Astrologer in Mehsana.

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