A basic guide on Teslin plastic card printing:-

What do you know by the term “Teslin”?


“Teslin” is basically a synthetic paper material that is highly printable, flexible, tear-resistant, and waterproof. It is typically used in the ID badge industry because of its flexible surface that receives both dye-based inkjet printing and is also desirable for laser printing. Moreover, Teslin is a microporous substrate found in driver’s licenses as well. The genuine ID cards produced by Teslin are offset printed with fine-line detailed printing with guilloche and variable-sized micro-text. The back of the card is left blank, it is a machine-readable technology to study barcodes and redundant data.

Personalization of Teslin cards has produced colored laser printing. After the printing process, the cards get laminated with additional security features, such as holographic lamination and embossing. In simple words, “Teslin” is a core non-toxic substrate used in Teslin-based plastic cards. Teslin has allowed the fastest delivery, flexibility in variable data printing. It is extremely durable, offers beautiful printed quality, and is environmentally responsible. The material which has been prepared for Teslin card printing is biodegradable and recyclable.

If you opt for Teslin card printing, does a card requires thickness? 

The composition of Teslin cards is as follows: it is a core material that gets laminated on both sides, it has UV inhibitors to provide UV protection. A Teslin card product must have the same thickness as that of a standard credit card. Teslin ID cards must have a thickness material to produce a thinner card product.

What useful products should be considered great with Teslin?

Usually, Teslin has been used to make ID cards in nations across the world, as well as also to make driver’s licenses in the United States. On account of its tear-resistant properties and waterproof, cards made up of Teslin substrate have been widely used in event promotion. However, customizing and Teslin card printing have been considered a fairly straightforward process. It is well-known for its solid strength and durability, Teslin cards are utilized in industries such as insurance, banking, and the corporate sector. Along with Teslin card printing, it can be easily embedded with integrated circuits or magnetic strips to be used as smart cards.

What are the distinguishing factors between plastic cards versus Teslin cards?

Selecting or choosing Teslin ID cards over PVC or plastic cards has been considered the best option to eliminate the cost of ID cards. It not only helps in saving money but also creates lots of efficiencies in the field of marketing and thereby effectively maintains customer satisfaction. Laminated-based Teslin plastic cards are considered great alternatives in order to demonstrate a premium brand in the marketplace. It can be easily printed with traditional or digital print involving full color to match the brand PMS color. This has enabled effective handling of brand management.

Perhaps, a plastic card lasts longer up to 10 years. But why you should invest an additional cost in a card that will hardly be utilized for a couple of years. Apart from involving the cost, it is also prone to scratches and is even sensitive to some chemicals such as acetone. The durability of an ID card depends primarily on the material it is comprised of.

Both the lamination and thickness matter when you opt for Teslin card printing. Remember one thing the more will be the thickness of the card, the more durable it is. Similarly also the lamination of a card has also played a key role in making it long-lasting. It safeguards the bar codes and images on the card from rubbing, thus enhancing the lifespan of the card. On the contrary, Teslin plastic cards are extremely versatile and readily available in various grades. They are considered to be an ideal choice to keep aside the unwanted bulk of the wallet. It is not like plastic ID cards, Teslin cards are much lighter.

Key points to be taken away:-

We will always strive our best to incorporate sustainable materials into your products thereby offering the highest quality printing to our valuable customers. So, you must choose the Teslin substrate to acquire a highly-secured product at a reasonable cost

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