Top Indian Foods That You Will Find in USA

Finding the Indian Restaurant in USA or other foreign countries is difficult. After a long time, one craves for familiar taste of Indian dishes even they are not living in India. Foods of Indian and America has nothing in common and this is perchance second reason why Indians can never completely adept the taste of America.

Generally Indian foods is rich in its taste and tend to be flavored with spices that are traditionally not associated with genuine Chinese cuisine, for example, cumin, coriander, and turmeric and adding to that hot chili, ginger, garlic and yoghurt can also be found in dishes. All these aspects make the Indian cuisine similar in taste to many ethnic dishes in USA, Maryland that have substantial Indian cultural influences such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Indian cuisine has evolved over centuries and is now worldly renowned due to its different features and rich taste. With diverse cooking methods, spices, ingredients and flavors from diverse parts of the country the Indian cuisine is all about a blend of ingredients that is a lip smacking delight. We at Royal Tandoor want to share the history of Indian Cuisine so that the western world can get more acquainted with its rich blend of tastes and flavors. In Royal Tandoor, You will try tandoori gobhi, GolGappa, Dahipapdi chat, noodles of all types, momos, and traditional samosa and much at best price. Royal Tandoor is the best Indian restaurant in the nation. As the name suggest, royal tandoor provides all Indian and Chinese foods also. From regional delicate to home style delights, it is not hard to see why it is as one of the popular Indian Restaurants in Gaithersburg.


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