Top 10 amazing and stylish Marathi wedding Paithani Saree designs-

Paithani sarees hold a treasured place in every Majarashtrian bride’s trousseau.

Paithani sarees for Marathi wedding  are a perfect choice. The design is luxurious and it makes you look gracious without a doubt.

The paithani saree is famous for its uniqueness.  The paithani style of saree is hand woven silk with a rich, ornamental zari pallu and border.

The main body of the saree is weaved by hand in looms.

The saree that is weaved is extremely soft and delicate.  The designs and motifs that adorn the saree are also unusual.

Paithani sarees are differentiated on the basis of the colours ,weaving techniques and motif.

Here are some amazing and stylish design of paithani sarees collection which you can wear your wedding day or any other occasions-

  • The violet diva motifs with hues of blue all over and green zari border makes a stunning piece.
  • The peacock leitmotifs are a constant in paithani sarees. They are the symbols of elegance and beauty . Indigo is a colour that never fails you. It bursts fervor ,particularly for ethnic dresses. Choose the deep blue colour of the saree with golden polka dots design, golden thread border embellished with peacock motifs and a thin lavender lining.
  • A beautiful combination of two subtle shades of green and blue to arrive at an exquisite saree is a brilliant choice. Polka has been an eternal design and charms any ensemble. This design of paithani saree makes your bridal look more attractive.
  • The black silk saree with merna booti is a standard design for paithani sarees. And the regal gold, green border gives a stunning look.
  • Paithani saree looks gorgeous in every colour but the three colours that are most common are black saree with a red border, parrot green colour and pure white. These colours of paithani saree are not only for weddings but also you can wear on any occasion. It gives you a traditional, simple and stylish look.

  1. If you are going to attend a wedding invitation  and want to wear a traditional saree but gorgeous then the navy blue colour of paithani saree looks extraordinary with its large butis all over the body and a pink zari border.
  • Maroon is a traditional colour in paithani sarees which suits women of all age groups. Adding a hint of red on the border and pallu makes it an attractive look.
  • Check sarees have an understated elegance which any woman can carry off with ease. The saree lends traditional vibes. This attractive saree features vintage checks in a combination of mustard yellow and red. Golden pally with hints of blue and green adds a fine touch to the saree.

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  • The dazzling gold paithani saree is handcrafted for brides. She looks best on their wedding day with this saree. The enchanting golden body is adorned with multi-colored motifs of peacocks, vines,and parrots that elevate the sarees look.
  • Purple is known as the colour for Marathi brides. Choose a purple bridal Marathi paithani saree for her special day.

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