Real Wood Flooring- Why it is the Right Way to Go


It is the green nature of Wood Flooring that makes it the current trend in interiors. They are classic, elegant, chic, easy to maintain, and traditional yet modern. The role of wood has always been entwined with Art and Architecture and it plays a decisive role in the history of mankind. Now, we will be taking a look at some more elaborations on as to why Real Wood Flooring is the right way to go when it comes to floor installations.
(1) A Healthier and Green Option for homes and workplace: Wood being a natural material is a totally renewable, ecological, and inexhaustible resource, unlike stones or metals. So, if you are in a lookout for a healthy choice for the interior environment, Wood Flooring is undoubtedly the right way to go. This type of flooring does not have grout lines, fibers, and embossed surfaces. So, they do not gather much dust, allergens, pollen grains, etc. If you really care about indoor air quality, Real Wood Flooring can be
the best option.
(2) Exquisite Character: Besides being aesthetically seducing, Wood Flooring is warm in appearance. This type of flooring is highly sought after by people who are taking a new place, remodeling their existing place, and also by interior designers. This type of flooring is not only glamorous and stylish but also makes the space appear bigger visually.

(3) Pocket-Friendly and Variety: Many people after looking at the glamorous character of this Real Wood Flooring start wondering about their price. But, there is nothing to panic. This type of flooring comes in the process to suit every budget. You will be astonished to know that some wood floors come at cheaper prices when compared to some luxury vinyl tiles. When you opt for wooden flooring you have a wide plethora of options to choose from, and you will find your best fit that matches your tastes and preferences. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as lacquer, wax, urethane, oil, and waxed finishes in a wide plethora of textures and shapes that can add swirls to any

(4) Easy Installation: When compared to other flooring options, Wood Flooring is pretty easy to install. But, make sure the installation is taken care of by an expert in wood floors. Proper finishing is paramount for achieving that final outcome. How to choose Wood Flooring for your home? If you are looking for Real Wood Flooring, here are your choices:

Solid Wood Flooring

Are you an avid fan of solid Real Wood Flooring? Then, this is your best option. This is a single piece of  wood varieties available are Jatoba Wood, Teak Wood, Ipe Wood, Merbau Wood, and so on. But, you should keep in mind here that this is Real Wood Flooring and so after installation, some expansion and contraction of the room is quite normal. So, if you are looking for a perfect fitting floor, this is not the one that you should look at. Moreover, Wood Flooring normally requires a subfloor such as plywood of 12mm for installation. So, if you want a floor on top of another one, then this is a bummer as the total height might be way too much to accept. This flooring is only ideal for you when you don’t bother
about some movement of the wood and you are in love with timber. Also, if you have planned this well in advance while planning your interiors or constructing your home.

Engineered Wood Flooring: Do you want Real Wood Flooring? But, don’t have the space, or shall we say, the height to install Solid Wood Flooring? Then, Engineered Wood Flooring is the best choice. As the name suggests, Engineered Wood Flooring is engineered to be stable. It typically consists of a top layer of real wood which normally is 2-3mm or more in thickness. The middle layer is made up of spruce or pine and the bottom layer is made up of wood veneer. Having a three-layer construction, this type of flooring comes with a click lock. This allows for a floating floor installation. When compared to solid wood floors, Engineered Wood Flooring is less expensive and is available in a wide variety of formats
and sizes.

Veneered Engineered Wood Flooring: This is a hybrid flooring between laminate flooring and engineered Wood Flooring. The floorboard is essentially composed of HDF, which is water resistant, and on the top, there is a top veneer that is pressed onto the HDF Board. The floor planks are normally 8mm to 10mm in total thickness and are with a click lock. If you want the real wood on top together with the stability of a laminate and of course at a better price, then this is the perfect Real Wood Flooring choice for you.

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