Professional Ecommerce Product Photography

Professional product photography is the commercial form of still life photography. Creating high-quality product photos is no simple feat. how to style products, set up lighting and composite different exposures takes lots of creativity efforts & time. Nibble and Pixel with a team of young enthusiastic always ensure that their professional product photography comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. From styling to editing, they polish your products and capture great photos. Before diving into your product shots, they make sure that they connect with their client and find out exactly what they’re looking for. Like specific angles of the product ,does the label need to be visible in every shot etc. Planning makes perfect, so they gather all the relevant info before setting up photo shoot. Because as a product photographer, they hold the responsibility to make  your product look the best in every possibly way.


A very popular saying “Post-production editing can take your product photo from bland to beautiful,” but one should have the understanding of tools to make sure that  your product photos shine. The main purpose of product photo editing is to make your ecommerce photos attractive for customers who want to buy the product. Nibble & Pixel creative team is always stand on their toes to give its best product photo editing whether adjusting any brightness or exposure issue which includes color correction, clipping path, background removal/replacement, objects removal, etc. Come & explore how to create simple product-only photos for ecommerce purposes and complex lifestyle photos to show a product in use.


When you want to tell a story with your model shots then this is called lifestyle photography. In Lifestyle photos customers get a better idea of how to use a product that help them to visualize it in their daily lives. Nibble & Pixel creative team approach is more artistic & imaginative when it comes to ecommerce model photo shoot while working with models to help illustrate the product in use. they’re not  focus on models but the approachability & usability of the product .By taking a wide variety of shots they make sure that the product look prominent & ensure that you get everything you need out of the shoot.

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