MBA in USA: Top Universities, Admissions, Cost

According to the BLS, by 2024, the country will provide about 1,38,000 new employment opportunities for business management graduates. Demand is anticipated to increase by 23% over the current demand. It is not surprising that international students prefer to pursue their MBAs in the US. Leadership roles are more distinctive and intensely individualized. MBA graduates are taught global leadership skills by prestigious American universities and business schools.

MBA programs are fantastic choices for those who want to hold leadership positions. Particularly those with degrees from universities in superpowers like the United States have the diversity, business trends knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills necessary to change careers. An MBA is the second most sought-after course for Indian students in the United States, right behind engineering, as a result of these factors. In conclusion, studying in the US has advantages. Continue reading if you want to learn the fascinating but less well-known facts about MBA in the US.

MBA Schools in the USA: Admission Requirements
A student's ability to pursue an MBA in the USA depends on a variety of variables. The following is a list of the crucial prerequisites for a student's admission to an MBA program.
● Minimum education requirements are 16 years, including 4 years of undergraduate study
(some universities accept a 3 year undergraduate program).
● English language test scores for IELTS and TOEFL (minimum TOEFL score: 100,
minimum IELTS score: 6.5)

● For the majority of business schools, a respectable GMAT or GRE score is required.
(i.e., 600 on the GMAT or 300 on the GRE)
● 3–4 years of experience at the very least in a professional setting.
Required Documents for MBA Study in the USA
As part of the admissions process, you will also need to submit a number of documents before you are formally accepted into an MBA programme. These records are essential for the admissions committee to understand your comprehensive profile. Therefore, make sure to obtain and maintain these documents.

● Transcripts from all of your previous institutions must be scanned and submitted as part of the academic requirements.
● GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOFEL score reports: Your results must be copied and submitted.
● All of your accomplishments should be listed on your CV or resume.
● Work certificates serve as documentation of your most recent employment.
● Statement of Purpose, or SOP An essay describing why you want to join the program.
● A recommendation letter a professional and academic recommendation letter from a
professor or employer from your college
● You must provide copies of your student passport as proof of your right to remain.
Top MBA universities in USA
Students are always welcome in the United States, where there are many opportunities for them
to mature and hone their abilities. The following universities in the USA are preferred by
students seeking an MBA program with a variety of specializations:
Harvard College
In the US, Harvard University is a renowned institution of higher learning. About 900 students
enroll in the MBA program ligibility are the same as those listed above.
The yearly cost is roughly Rs. 55.4 lakh.
It is ranked fourth in the world for MBA programmes and one of the top 25 business schools in
the US.
Harvard Business School is ranked seventh for MBA in Finance in 2021 by US News and World
Report. Most Indian students favor Harvard University over other international universities.
University of Stanford
It is a for-profit university, Stanford University. It provides a huge selection of courses. A two-
year MBA programme offered by Stanford Business School will assist you in honing your skills
and fostering your creativity. All American universities, with a few exceptions, use the same
admissions process.
The price is $78,705.
Aside from the call of duty, the faculty goes above and beyond to educate the students.

In 2019 it was ranked first among the best colleges in California and second among the best colleges in the United States. There are 482 Indian faculty members at Stanford, 41 Indian alumni at Stanford, and 392 Indian students at Stanford. The University of Illinois at Chicago It was founded by John D. Rockefeller as an urban research university. It is regarded as one of the best business schools in the country. It has a provost's office, which is in charge of planning and carrying out academic programmes, and excellent faculty.
Total cost of the MBA programme is $146,880. For deserving students, it also provides scholarships and financial aid. The former president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, spent 12 years instructing college students. It is ranked sixth among National Universities by US News 2021. The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School
It is believed that having a Wharton MBA will give you an advantage over other university MBA programmes. They focus on enhancing your business leadership abilities so you can easily accomplish your goals.
The Wharton MBA costs $111,695 per year. With more than 235 professors, Wharton has one of the most substantial and widely-published faculties of any business school. The Times ranked it 19th for higher education, and US News and World Report ranked it sixth. University of Northwestern It is among the best MBA programmes offered in the USA. Over 250 Indian students apply to the MBA programme each year. With over $11 billion in endowments already received, the institute is thriving like never before.

The best faculty in the world work at this private research university. A typical MBA course will set you back $178,187 in total tuition. Even a one-year MBA is available in the USA. In the 2021 National University Rankings and the 2021 World University Rankings, it was ranked 9th and 29th, respectively. Columbia University's Business School It is thought to be the best MBA programme in the country. NYC serves as its headquarters. Its
illustrious faculty members are leaders in their fields and guarantee that its students receive a top-notch education.
Costing $168,307, Columbia Business School offers an MBA. The method for applying will not change from what was previously discussed.
Indian origins make up about 7% of Columbia University graduates.
It was ranked second among the least expensive US colleges for international students and
third among the best national universities.
Princeton College

It is one of the country's oldest universities. It ranks among the top ten universities in the world.
Additionally, it was recognised as the top undergraduate teaching institution in 2021.
The first year of tuition for its MBA in finance/accounting is INR 57.1 lakh.
To find out more about the deadlines and intake season, visit the organization's official website.
In 2020, 1,223 Indian students submitted applications for MBA programmes. These esteemed
institutions are constantly seeking exceptional students.
Yale University's School of Management
The Yale School of Management is a graduate programme for business. A full-time MBA, an
MBA for Executives, a Master of Advanced Management, and a PhD are all offered there.
For MBA courses, it offers a distinctive integrated curriculum.
It came in at number four among the best national universities in 2021 and at number nine
among US institutions with full-time MBA programs.
The cost of a Yale MBA is $93,900.
Yale University upholds international standards and has faculty of the highest caliber.
Boston University
The college is located in Boston. In the US News Ranking, it is ranked 35th, and 93% of the
faculty are doctorates. It prioritizes the application of theory over theory itself.
Both full-time and part-time MBA programmes are available.
Industry standards have been met in the development of the MBA curriculum.
The cost of the MBA is $110,760 in total.
Only 10% of Indian students who apply for MBA programmes are accepted each year due to the
high level of competition.
Dartmouth University
Among the top business schools in the US, Bloomberg 2020 ranked it 13th. It was founded as a
research university in 1900. Only the MBA degree is available. Graduates of the MBA
programme at Dartmouth College receive the best compensation.
The cost of the MBA programme is INR 58,49,659. It excels academically to a high degree.
Tuition at Dartmouth is reasonably inexpensive.
The faculty at Dartmouth College is very helpful and available to students at all times.
On exchange programmes, it works with the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.
Among Indian students, it ranks as one of the most well-liked universities.

Getting an MBA from a developed economy is advantageous. Graduates with an MBA are well-
versed in business administration, leadership, and development. Additionally, it equips them
with the know-how to pursue lucrative opportunities and network successfully. It's a plus that
getting an MBA in the US is totally worthwhile. Top-tier brands, a flexible educational system,

the best professors, and a ranked MBA in the USA all help students gain exposure to various cultures.

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