How Can You Generate More Traffic to Your Website?

Whether you have an e-commerce store or a brand website, increasing website traffic should be one of your main goals as business owners or marketers. Your website is your online storefront, through which visitors can get an impression of the knowledge, products or services you provide, learn more about what you offer, build trust in your brand, and ultimately, become leads and customers.


It is important to clarify, a quality user experience is essential, but will not necessarily bring more users to the site if they cannot find it in the first place. Of all the methods that exist for digital marketing and promotion of websites, there are some that are particularly effective, those that can really produce results and bring to the site a constant traffic of quality users and new leads, and in order to do this, you must focus on them.


The importance of increasing traffic on the site


It is known that in today’s world, even for marble factories or electricians, a website is mandatory. The users know how to find products and services, but through a website we allow them to get to know the business better. Ideally, a website design that directs the users and leads them through the marketing funnel, is the effective way to increase the amount of conversions on the website, which makes the website an important indicator and driver for business growth.


In fact, this is exactly the parameter that may help the website owner to examine the effectiveness of the digital marketing operations he performs, gather insights about his audiences in order to make decisions, improve the organic promotion of the website , generate more leads, increase the amount of conversions and get more customers. But, and there is a big but, to achieve all these benefits you need to move user traffic to the site in the right way, and focus on driving quality traffic.


Quality movement and its importance


Traffic to the site helps, among other things, to improve its organic ranking, but as a promoter and as a business owner it is important to make sure that the increase in traffic is also related to an increase in engagement and conversion rates. If the traffic on the site increased, but the conversion rates decreased, it means that the desired traffic did not reach the site. Bottom line, the goal of any business owner or digital marketer when it comes to site traffic is to bring more visitors who are suitable to the site, those who are most likely to convert into leads and customers.


How do you do this in practice?


There are actions that are important for every website owner or promoter to perform in order to increase the traffic on their website. It is mainly about optimization and work that takes place behind the scenes, the technical side of the promotion work, which is designed to create the best user intent for the promotion of the site in the search engines.


Along with the actions that are necessary for each website, it is important to build a strategy that is personally adapted to each business in order to define goals and objectives, timetables for achieving them, and of course, to define the audiences that are interested in attracting to the business or to the brand that the website is promoting. In most cases, many promoters fail here because of a lack of marketing and not only operational understanding.


The first step, without which you don’t start promoting traffic to the site


The first and most important thing is to check what we are working with. This is a very basic step, in which the client’s website is examined, on which platform it was built, whether it has the appropriate infrastructure for promotion, and what steps have been taken so far to increase incoming traffic. As soon as there is a good and accurate assessment, it is possible to coordinate expectations with the client and build a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to him personally and aims to increase traffic on the website.


The actions that every website owner must perform to promote the website and increase quality traffic


This is a big title – ‘bring traffic to the site’ – and it is important to understand that there are many actions that must be performed behind the scenes before and at the same time as those that are done on the front, that is, those that the users are considered to be.


We will try to go over the main ones:


The most important step for most customers who come to digital promotion and internet marketing company is keyword research, which is designed to bring the relevant audiences to the website during the Google search phase. This means that as soon as the users type in the keywords we have chosen to promote, they will be exposed to the client’s website. To do this optimally, it is important to use keywords with high user intent and identical to the content on the website pages, including meta tags. The emphasis is on combining keywords in a natural way that does not detract from the main idea or distract the user.


In addition to the keywords, in the front page work it is necessary to make sure that the website displays up-to-date and interesting information that is relevant to the users’ search and gives them the best answer. This is actually the point where what the site offers and the user’s intent meet, and it must match the needs and goals of both. Correct correlation will ensure that the user stays on the site and continues to consume information on it.


In the next step, it is important to make sure that the user can navigate the site easily and that they are provided with the highest user experience. This refers to a set of elements, which include website design, adaptation of the website to different devices, especially mobile devices, a combination of technologies that make it easier for the customer to communicate with the business owner, drive to action, loading times and more.


Quality content is very important for increasing website traffic


It is not enough to just publish content. In order to bring quality traffic to the site, you must create unforgettable content that keeps the user on the site and makes him ignore all the noise on the web, other advertisers and distractions. In fact, useful and memorable content is one of the leading ways to increase website traffic, because users are looking for specific, thorough and accurate answers. Ignoring their need will lead to their ignoring the site.


The bottom line is that when we care about the content we produce, publish regularly and research what the client’s audience wants to see, internet traffic will improve and with it conversion rates.


Not all traffic comes to websites from Google. A lot of users come from social networks


Advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn , Twitter, Pinterest and more are actually powerful platforms for digital marketing and attracting users, but in order to utilize their potential for this purpose it is important to consistently publish diverse content. This can include infographics, videos, podcasts and a variety of other types of content. At the same time, it is important to interact with the followers, give them an answer and stimulate discussions and publish enticing information from the website to attract users to read more.


Sponsored advertising is effective for increasing the number of visits to the website


Sponsored advertising on Google and social media can be an effective way to increase traffic to the website, but it is important to know that each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages – for example, users can block ads on the social network, and in certain fields of activity, the cost per click for sponsored advertising on Google can be so high , which makes the investment less worthwhile. Therefore, when choosing advertising channels, it is important to be well acquainted with all the options available to the advertiser.


For example, when doing sponsored advertising on Google, it is important to start with one campaign and several different ad groups that contain the keywords you want to target the most users. After the campaigns start, it is necessary to check how audiences behave with different keywords, and to check whether one keyword only resulted in exposures, which did not increase traffic to the site, while another keyword resulted in clicks and conversions.


Except for Google and social networks, other platforms promise to increase traffic on the website


One of the popular ways to increase website traffic and build a reliable and strong brand is through Tabula and Outbrain articles. These are content marketing platforms that guarantee a very high amount of exposure through large and well-known websites and portals, which present users with “content that may interest you” or similar offers. Read more about Tabula and Outbrain campaigns .


The selection of the incoming links to build the link profile has a lot of weight in the promotion of the website


Backlinks are designed to bring traffic to a website from other websites. It is important to emphasize that you should not fill the link profile on the website with links that are not relevant or effective. It is important to contact large websites with high authority, which will offer the content of the website as an additional resource and allow the flow of additional users.




It can be said that the meaning of increasing the traffic on the site requires a planned and carefully planned strategic promotion and advertising system in advance. And yet, all the components and steps mentioned here are only part of the mix of actions that must be performed in order to increase traffic to the website. At the same time, it is important to note that in order to increase the amount of traffic on the site, it is important to be patient, as there are actions whose effect can be seen immediately, but others, you have to wait a little to see their effect.


Apart from that, before starting work, we examine the client’s starting point and his digital assets, define goals and set goals according to schedules and adapt the entire strategy to the budget available to him. It is a complex and not simple job, but in the end, when it is done in a thorough and professional manner, the client’s return on investment increases, and the results are expressed in business growth, so that success can be clearly seen and felt.

Author Bio: Swati Sharma, writer by day and an avid reader by night. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the digital marketing and IT industry.

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