Easiest Way to Fix Slow Internet Issue


Best Ways to Fix Slow Internet on Windows 10 and Speed Up your PC with the best ‘The PC Faster’ software. From toddler to adult, no one likes slow PC related issues.  Whether you are watching YouTube video nobody likes buffering on video. Because slow pc makes mind upset.  This issue happens, due to countless reasons. Therefore we have covered some of the best tips to fix slow internet issue.


  1. Restart Your PC: Restart works like a magic wand to fix common Outlook or PC Related issue, irrespective of the Operating system you are using. At times, bugs may cause such problems, and a restart fixes it automatically without wasting your time.


  1. Restart Wifi Router: If you are using a direct internet connection coming from your ISP, Then you do not need to go through this solution. However, most of us use a Wi-Fi router to connect multiple devices. If you are doing the same, it is better to restart your router. At times, the router’s framework might hang, and as a result, you get a comparatively slow internet connection on Windows.


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