Does Kohls do coupons anymore?

If you’re a Kohl’s shopper, you’ve probably seen a lot of changes over the past few years. The department store chain has been putting more resources toward its online presence, and it’ now offering more than it used to in terms of exclusive products and discounts.

Still, there are some aspects of Kohl’s that haven’t changed—and one of those is its continued support for coupons. This can be both good news and bad news depending on how you look at it: On the one
hand, Kohl’s still offers a lot of ways to save money, but on the other hand, some people think they could do even better if they used promo codes at other stores instead.

We’ll explore both sides here so that by the time we’re done writing this article, you’ll know whether or not Kohl’s is still worth checking out for deals!

Kohl’s used to be one of the best stores for coupons. They used to have a digital coupon kiosk in the store, where you could scan your phone and get deals right there on the spot.
They also had a coupon book that you could get at the register or download on your phone, which was great because it kept track of all your recent purchases so that when it came time for another purchase,
it would automatically deduct those items from what you owed them (and apply any applicable
And finally there was an app called Kohl’s Cash that gave shoppers free money off their next purchase–
and if they spent enough money within three days of getting their Kohl’s Cash bonus? They did get even
more cash back! You can still find great deals at Kohl’s with

promo codes.
If you’e looking to save money on specific items, try using a promo code. Kohl’s offers these codes in
addition to their everyday discounts and sales. These special offers can be found on the Kohl’s website,
in their emails and even in their catalogs!
In addition to coupons that will save you money on specific items or departments, there are also coupon
codes that allow you to get free shipping when spending over a certain amount or an extra 20% off
clearance items when combined with other promotions like "buy one get one half off."
For example: If you spend $100 at Kohl's this week using our exclusive link below (and make sure not
just buy stuff from us), then we'll give them back 5% of all sales made through this link so long as those
sales meet certain conditions such as being made during specific times or by specific people (it doesn’t matter).
When it comes to Kohl’ coupons, you can get a lot of savings with a few different types
of discounts.
Here’s how:

 The easiest way to find Kohl’s coupons is online. Simply visit the store's website and look for the
"coupons" tab at the top right corner (or bottom left if you're using mobile). You will then see a list
of current promotions that include both online-only offers as well as in-store deals. Just click on
any one of them to take advantage of its savings!
 Another option is looking through your weekly circulars from local newspapers or magazines
that carry them–and there are plenty out there nowadays. These circulars often include
printable versions of both in-store and online discounts so make sure not only check those
sections but also keep an eye out for other sections like "Free Shipping Offers" which often
come with free shipping codes too!
 If neither option works then don't worry because we’ve got another trick up our sleeve:
checking out what kind friends are sharing on social media sites such as Facebook groups
dedicated specifically towards helping consumers save money while shopping at popular
retailers like ours.& quot;
Get free shipping on orders over $75 or more.
 Get free shipping on orders over $75 or more.
 No minimum purchase required for free shipping.
 Free shipping on all orders over $50 with code SHIP50.
Kohl’s offers two types of free shipping: one for purchases under a certain amount, and another that lets
you skip the checkout process entirely if your order is large enough. The first option requires you to
spend at least $75 before taxes and discounts (and excluding gift cards), while the second gives you
access to no-added-cost delivery on any order over $25–no coupon required!
Free in-store pickup is available on all online orders over $100.
 You can order online and pick up in store.
 The fee for this service is free.
 You can place an order online, select "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping option, and then go to
the store to retrieve it at your convenience.
 Kohl's offers this option Monday through Friday between 9am and 9pm; they also offer it on
Saturdays between 8am and 10pm (depending on location). On Sundays, you can use the service
between 8am and 6pm; holidays are available from 8am until 5pm local time.*

Kohl’s still has some pretty sweet deals going on if you know where to look Kohl’s is a great place for clothes, shoes and accessories that are on trend and affordable. You can also
find household items like kitchenware, bedding and more at Kohl’s stores or online at

The store offers free shipping on orders over $75 so it’s easy to get multiple items shipped directly to your
door without paying any extra charges!

Kohl’s is still a great place to go if you want to save some money on your clothes and household items.
You just need to know where to look for the best deals. If you are looking for coupons, then we

recommend checking out sites like Retail Me Not or Coupon Sherpa which have lists of current offers
from Kohl’s as well as other stores like Macy’s or Target!

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