4 Ideal Family-Friendly Destinations in the Philippines

When it comes to enjoying a family holiday, the Philippines is the ultimate destination. Whether you want to visit a new travel destination with your family or someone special, you can visit the Philippines to meet all your needs. So you can trust there are spots and tour destinations in the Philippines that put forward what your squad is looking for. Many of the best spots in the Philippines are easily accessible by private cars, land transport, and or by plane for a short period.

Plus, you could make your journey more enjoyable and have more bonding moments with your family and kids if you visit the Philippines. Visitors themselves consider the Philippines destinations are good for family-friendly travel. To explore more about your holiday destinations, in this blog, you will surely pick up some destinations from this list. So let’s start planning for the ultimate family holiday.


1- Lanao del Norte

Lanao del Norte is popular for its striking attractions like Tinago falls, maria Christina falls, cathedral falls and many others. Hence making it a worth visiting city. It highly enriches natural and man-made wonders where you can make great memories and stories with your loved ones. There are tons of coconut trees are found in this place, including many other useful crops. Although you can have more best travel guides through this platform RedDoorz voucher code.

Moreover, its tango falls flow along the Agusriver which recently become the place for banana boat rides, rafting and fishing.


2- Bacolod

Bacolod is well known for its popular masskara festival, almost featuring the biggest festival in the country. Most interestingly, Bacolod city is called the City of Smiles due to this festival. And definitely, this city can make anyone smile. So take a break with your family and head toward the city of smiles to cherish some precious moments. You can also take a tour of the city by walking that stops you at popular town’s stop. Another popular tour is mambukal resort where you can take on various activities that the whole family will enjoy.


3- La Union

La Union is a coastal town usually famous for its surfing spots including many other natural and heritage attractions. Hence it offers the best beaches, surfing destinations and many other tourist spots as it can easily be reached by bus or car ride from Manila. From surfing to snorkelling and sunbath, you can enjoy and relax with lots of activities. There are loads of la-union resorts that you could choose from. Hence offering you a quick escape from the pressure of work, stress and city living.


4- Pampanga 

Pampanga is among the best tourist destination in the Philippines for several reasons. Looking for a place for kids where adults can also be just kids then Pampanga is the place to be. Also just a few hours away from manila and then can enjoy different activities and facilities with the family. There is a variety of activities you could do like archery, kart racing and many more. After you have done it you can rest in the biggest waterpark and enjoy eating delicious dishes.

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