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It is a lot of work to design Furniture Lounge Sunderland a house and challenging, mainly when the property isn’t yours. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been commissioned to furnish your clients ‘ new house or to revamp an old space. 

At times it’s challenging to decide where to begin as living rooms are the center of the house. It is usually the most challenging space to design in terms of interior design since you have to reflect your client’s personality in the furnishings you choose.

If you’ve been asked to design a chic living room for your client, continue to find out how you can design a beautiful living space using Laura Kirar’s furniture. Laura Kirar is a designer famous for her designs’ intricate artistry. 

Kirar believes in her furniture designs as interactive pieces. She recognizes that the people who purchase her furniture will interact physically with the furniture she designs. So she tries to incorporate luxurious material and design elements into her furniture to make the experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

 Kirar has worked with many brands over time to obtain the results she wants. The result has been the development of many famous collections, the most famous being her collaboration with Baker.

This collaboration allowed the designer to use the skilled artisans from the brand to create furniture that goes beyond the boundaries of the classic design frameworks. We’ve selected four furniture pieces from this collaboration to feature for you today to inspire you to design a chic living space at the home of your client.

Bring the Arrowhead Credenza To Your Life

Although your client might think that the credenza is a piece meant for dining rooms, We think this piece is the ideal storage piece for the living space of your client. Behind every door is an ample storage space that can store household items of all sizes due to the adjustable shelves. 

The drawer is lined with soft material for objects like lighters, pens, and magazines in the middle of this space. A tidy home is essential; this is why you should pick this item for your client’s space to assist them in keeping their living spaces clutter-free without sacrificing style.

This piece demonstrates Kirar’s ability to think beyond time and place and use her vast knowledge of design to design beautiful and practical furniture that is timeless in its style.


 All around her inspire Kirar, and with her formal education in sculpture, it’s not surprising that this extraordinary furniture piece of storage is intricate in its shape. The piece incorporates metalwork that is primitive with its aged brass hardware. The shape and arrowhead patterns are a reference to various design styles. The panels of the doors make this piece more contemporary, making it the perfect piece to create a chic space.

This is a great investment piece. Because of the tabletop’s black granite surface and the overall high-end of its construction, it can be handed down from generation to generation to be a beloved family heritage.

Increase the height of your space by using the Frazier Etagere

The simple, graphic aesthetic Furniture Warehouse Sunderland of this item is simply stunning. The above Arrowhead Credenza is excellent for storing things clients prefer to keep away from view and out of sight. The available shovels on this etagere are ideal for displaying ornaments that add character to your living space.

A piece is divided into two parts. The steel frame in the upper section joins the lower section, giving the piece a visual unity. Its top is adorned in a walnut-colored veneer, and the four shelves are adorned with glass to help keep the etagere cool and give it a slight feeling. 


Two drawers stacked are decorated with walnut veneers that are finished with American Walnut and fitted with cast brass knobs that are finished with polished bronze. The knobs are embellished with signature silk tassels in warm gray for an additional touch of elegance. 


Tiny brass feet finish the design and make it shine as a symbol of class in any setting. We think the two etageres will complete the space when placed next to each other on the Arrowhead Credenza.

Hermano Sofa

For an elegant living space, you will require an expansive, elegant, comfortable piece that radiates grace in its appearance. The Hermano is a nod to the past while also embracing modern. 

The leg that is turned on this Hermano Sofa serves as the critical element of this piece and shows Kirar’s dedication to the highest quality of design. 

The surface of the front legs is similar to the table with arrowheads perfectly, and the old brass ferrules complement the etagere in perfect harmony and allow you to build a unified design narrative throughout the space using the color theory easily. 

The firm back and three-edged comfort knife back pillows work together to provide your customer and their guests the proper support of their spine while resting on the piece.

Make it even more beautiful with the Hermano Chair.

There is no way to have enough seating in your living space. This Hermano Chair has all of the features that make up the bigger Hermano Sofa, yet this piece is considerably smaller and can slide into tight spaces with ease. 

It’s all about cohesion, so it is best to pair the chair with the sofa in the previous section to avoid choosing an extravagant statement chair that could affect the room’s mood.

If you’re designing a more prominent space, you can purchase two chairs and set them in a row around them with the Hermano Sofa to create an elegant natural area for conversation. Include decor and accent pieces such as rugs and ottomans to the space, and allow your customer to enjoy their new living area using Laura Kirar Furniture.

We hope this guide will inspire you to decorate your customer’s dining space by incorporating Laura Kirar Furniture.

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Explore our collection of Laura Kirar Furniture today. The entire collection is available on our website, as well as with detailed product descriptions for each piece that the designer has created.

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