Choosing between Baby Sleeping Bag and Blanket

A blanket is simple and easy to buy, but many babies unconsciously kick it down at night. That doesn’t happen in a sleeping bag. Both have their advantages and disadvantages for the young darlings. Many parents ask themselves the question: blanket or sleeping bag?, and get confused about what they should get for their baby.

Advantages of sleeping bags
The baby should be put on a sleeping bag to sleep, especially in the first 12 months of life, according to health pally.
International studies have shown that babies and toddlers who sleep in a sleeping bag have decreased infant mortality from cot death. There are of course other triggers for this, but in many cases there has been suffocation when the babies have pulled the covers over their heads.
In addition, it is more difficult for babies to roll over on their tummy in a sleeping bag, which can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Many children also kick their bedspreads away at night and then lie there freely. The child freezes and hypothermia and the associated cold can quickly develop. In contrast, a sleeping bag keeps children nice and warm all night, chaktty opined.

Sleeping bags for summer and winter
Sleeping bags are available in different designs. There are thinner models that are suitable for summer, but also quilted versions that keep the child nice and warm in winter . There are also sleeping bag models that have an inner and an outer bag. The thinner model of this can be used in summer. When the days get colder, both sleeping bags are simply connected to each other. These will keep your child nice and warm in winter.

Important information for the purchase When buying a baby sleeping bag, particular attention should be paid to its quality, such as breathable materials (cotton) , good workmanship and a soft fabric. In addition, the opening for the neck should not be larger than the baby's head circumference.

Find the right size Sleeping bags are available in four different sizes (70 cm, 90 cm, 110 cm and 130 cm). The size of the sleeping bag must be chosen according to the size of the child. It should be noted that the child should always have at least 10-15 cm of space in the sleeping bag to kick. The rule of thumb for the optimal size is: body size – head length + 10 centimeters, according to sex pally. Special newborn sleeping bags are available for newborns . A model with a length of 70 or 90 cm is suitable here. The size of the sleeping bag must be chosen according to the size of the child.

Get more than one sleeping bag
In general, it is advisable to always have two sleeping bags in stock. How quickly can it happen that baby burps once at night and part of the milk or porridge gets on the sleeping bag. This then has to be washed and dried first. A second sleeping bag is more than helpful here.

Blankets and Upholstery: This is Important to Note Many parents are afraid of covering their baby with a blanket, because the child could pull the blanket over their head at night and suffocate. If a blanket is used, the following points must be observed:
The baby should touch the foot of the bed with his feet so that he can no longer slide down and under the blanket. A light blanket should be preferred over a heavy down comforter.

Large ceilings are unsuitable. Better to match a blanket to the size of the child or the bed. Important: A pillow has no place in a baby bed. At the latest when the children can turn to the side, it can happen that they can no longer lift their head and cannot get any more air through the pillow.

Blanket and Sleeping Bag? Sharing a sleeping bag and blanket is only necessary in very rare cases. Otherwise this will lead to overheating.

Regardless of whether parents opt for a sleeping bag or a duvet: Care should be taken to ensure that the child does not freeze or sweat. The neck test can be used to check whether the baby is too cold or too warm.

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