Casual Wear Basics for Men of All Ages

Casual wear has also taken quite a central place in our lifestyles as more and more people are choosing to dress comfortably yet in a nice way whether they are out shopping, doing errands or simply enjoying fresh air outdoors. And, it’s easy to look great because you have so many choices and the world has become more accepting of men in casual wear especially shorts and sleeveless vests especially when the temperature goes up. Now, you don’t have to be in the gym or a basketball court to be wearing these must-haves. You can wear them anywhere other than your workplace, with people who form your immediate circle i.e. close family and friends.

Casual Tops

You will have plenty of crew neck and v-necks and polo t-shirts in your wardrobe if you wear a lot of casual tops. Plus, you can choose the Y-neck or the Henley t-shirt in solid colors. Now, when it comes to solid, printed or graphic t-shirts, it depends on how comfortable and casual you want to appear. To be on the safe side go for solid color shirts, perhaps with a neat logo either in the center or to one corner like in the polo shirts. T-shirts with large graphics or prints should only be worn to an outdoor party if it’s a very casual affair and you are on a first-name basis with everyone.

Casual Bottoms

Again the options are many, you can pair your raglan style t-shirt with a rugged pair of jeans or team your loud statement t-shirt with knee-length fitted shorts. There are joggers, track pants, cargo pants and much more that you can mix and match with cap-sleeve or three-quarter sleeve shirts to look your best in a casual setting. Whether you wear a complete outfit or choose separate pieces, you can add a finishing touch with a canvas belt or a golf belt to complete your look.

Flip-Flops & Sandals

Flip-flops and slides should be abundant in your wardrobe if you regularly hang out at the beach or near the poolside on your weekends. Pair them with cargo pants or Bermuda shorts and you will be good to go. You can also pair your outfit with leather or rubber sandals whether you are heading to the shoreline or simply plan to lounge in a relaxed way. Your feet should be clean and grime and dirt between the toenails and cracked heels should be fixed before you step out in flip-flops and other sandals.

Slip-on & Sporty Shoes

Now, you have endless options to rock your casual look whether you want to go for a sporty vibe with sneakers, boat shoes, or you can complete your laid back look with comfy loafers, driving shoes, ankle boots and even combat boots if you feel like it. No matter what your style requisites are, there are all kinds of casual shoes stocked at Namshi Discount Code, that you can explore at its online store and if you like anything then make sure to use so you can enjoy substantial discounts on all your casual wear shopping.

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