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Lesney Products established Matchbox in 1953. It is owned by Mattel Inc. now. It is highly popular among car enthusiasts. Matchbox is one of the top toy car brands in India. Car lovers who have a passion for collecting toy cars, Matchbox cars India is the best option. It has a collection of many metal miniatures that attract many kids and even adults. The history of the name is fascinating. The first few cars were sold in boxes that resembled matchboxes. It got the attention of many people in the market. They started to manufacture various types of large–scale diecast toy cars, plastic model kits, and action figures. This brand has been in the hearts of car lovers for more than 50 years. Matchbox has become the ultimate choice of every toy car collector. You can order the best matchbox toy cars, trucks, and other accessories on KARZ AND DOLLS.

Matchbox is one of the brands that manufacture toy cars on vast scales. You can order your dream matchbox toy cars and other models at low prices. We understand the needs of today’s kids and fascinatingly cater to their needs. Even adults find our vast toy car collection exotic and attractive.

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