Best Indian Restaurant in Maryland

Royal Tandoor is best place to taste Indian authentic foods and your favorite dishes. This is one restaurant that will really grab your attention. Interior of restaurant are crafted by architects and everything flickers and shimmers. Menu of restaurant is includes Indian cuisine with temporary twist. There is a special tasting menu that has small portion covered selection of items. Restaurant takes 45 min in complete resolution. The area, near Maryland provides fascinating insight into a side of city that has many visitors don’t get to see. Restaurant is simply and classy but it serves all kind of Indian cuisines under one roof.

Royaltandoor flourished providing lunch to office workers also. Restaurant has daily buffet lunch with tempting variety of wonderful dishes combination. Meal for two cost around 1500-2000. This restaurant claims there is world famous. It has been their signature dish from since 2004 and they prepare Indian foods in traditional way overnight by using a secret blend of spices. Royal Tandoor is credited with actually inventing the dish! The restaurant has an impressive wine list too. Many of iconic restaurants at Maryland have fascinating histories that date back to the time of partition.

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