8 Easy Steps to Make Custom Sized Kraft Soap Boxes



If you are looking for an easy way to get your soap out of the box and onto a shelf, you need to consider custom-sized Soap Boxes. These boxes will allow customers to see your beautiful product and make it easy for them to take them home. In addition, they are strong, easy to customize, and inexpensive. In this blog post, you will get to see 8 Easy Steps to help you make these personalized soaps!

What are soapboxes, and how do they work?

The efficiency of packaging to preserve all the important qualities- like the smell, color, texture, or any other quality needed for a product. Soap has many uses; most often, it is used as an exfoliating agent, but sometimes people use it in order to wash dishes or clothes.

There are different types of soaps available on the market which can also be categorized according to their function: washing up liquid (or dishwashing detergent), laundry powder, etcetera. The design of your package should not only satisfy aesthetic needs but take into account legal requirements that safeguard hygiene standards such as ISO 22000 certification and comply with regulations concerning safety during transportation by road freight service providers.

Choose Appropriate Materials

It is important to take into consideration the material of a soap packaging box. The most popular and practical choice for these boxes is Kraft paper because it can hold up well under repeated use, not to mention that it’s environmentally friendly.; not only does this reduce shipping cost but also reduces weight adding up in products reducing costs on top of everything else! It’s wise if you want your business to run efficiently, then take advantage of buying bulk supplies, so nothing goes unnoticed or unused, especially since they are much cheaper than purchasing small amounts at one time!

To create your boxes, you will need to find a paper mill that is willing to make them for you. You can also use regular kraft papers, which are usually available at office supply stores and craft shops, but they do not have the same durability and price as custom-made ones.

Choose Appropriate Design

One of the most important aspects when it comes to designing packaging is using correct colors: finally, don’t forget about logo design! You want customers to be able to recognize your product on store shelves.

Measure the specific dimensions of your product

For custom soapboxes, be sure to measure the dimensions of your soaps. A well-sized box will ensure that no movement occurs and helps keep any damage from happening during shipping. Be mindful of shape as this can vary depending on what is being shipped; a traditionally shaped rectangular or square soap may require one type of packaging, while hexagon, circle, oval shapes might need another kind altogether!

For making custom soap boxes for your brand, you’ll first need to work out the dimensions, which are length x width x height (LxWxH). This ensures there’s plenty of space inside but also doesn’t make it too large where they’re easy flips open when going through customs hence not getting damaged in transit.

If you’re unsure what the size of your soap should be, a good place to start is looking at a standard-sized bar. If this can fit within the dimensions, then it’s likely that they’ll be sufficient for whatever product you want to sell! Once these are calculated, we need to cut out two pieces of kraft paper, serving as our outer and inner packaging, respectively.

One sheet needs to have the same length x width, but half the height (LxW), whilst another piece with just one side measuring LxH needs to be folded off into an angled rectangle shape so that together when put inside each other, create enough room on all sides – we’ve created space in between them for placement of labels or inserts if necessary.

Finalize your body style

Soapboxes are made with a template, which is printed on paper. The templates can be folded to create the box style you desire and shipped flat. Clear window soapbox design may show off your creativity!

Choose your soapbox colors Wisely.

There’s a wide range of colors for Kraft Soap Boxes. There are many different shades from which to choose, including antique gold or silver metallic kraft boxes that will catch the eye and reflect light beautifully. The color choices offered by our company include: Antique Gold Metallic, Black Matte with Brown Ink Gingham Textured Paper Liner, Clear Window with White Ink Grid on Dark Gray Textured Linter Board (Anchor), Burgundy Red Metallic Foil Printable Kraft Boxes with Crinkle Texture (Cherrywood)

The variety makes it easy for you to pick out just one type of style if you want a simple package while still using an assortment of different color options or getting.

Analyze Various Printing Options

Studies indicate that shoppers are more likely to purchase items with attractive, well-designed packaging. Using distinctive and eye-catching cardboard boxes for soaps will make it easier for consumers to identify the brand at a glance from across a crowded store aisle or display area.

This is especially important when many different brands are on offer in one location like supermarkets, department stores, etcetera! You need not fret over whether printing techniques have any effect on product quality because these days, printers specialize in creating high-resolution images just as well as they do text – all without compromising how long something lasts either (due to ink smudging). It’s always worth analyzing how different types of prints look before making them.

Any business that sells something has to be aware of the fact that customers do not always buy what they want. Shoppers often choose a product based on its appearance, and this includes color. A company might find success with transparent boxes because shoppers can see more easily through them without having to open their packaging up! Another option is experimenting with different shapes for soapboxes -something innovative will definitely attract customer interest!

Put the important data on the box that comes with the soap.

A small business that manufactures soaps has to print valuable information on cardboard boxes. This is a legal obligation, and it satisfies customers by giving them useful details about your product; they will be more likely to buy from you again if there are no questions left unanswered. Include all of this information when making packaging for each soap bar and other relevant items like ingredients, logo design, and company name-plate with contact info in case there are any issues or inquiries later down the line of production.

If your brand makes soap bars, then printing important data onto those cardboard containers should be an absolute must! You need some way to let people know what’s inside these things they’re buying off store shelves without having their hands touch anything else but its.

Package the Item Beautifully

Custom soap boxes are a great way to give your products an edge over the competition. Packaging is key in marketing, and custom-sized options can help you stand out when competing with other brands for shelf space at stores like Target or Walmart. Eye-catching packaging also creates excitement on social media posts about your product!


We hope you found the instructions helpful. Let’s get started with your order, in addition to high-quality custom packaging manufacturers in USA. All it takes is an email request or phone call, and one of their experts will help guide you through every step of the process. Let them know how many soap boxes you need to be made, and they’ll work quickly to have them ready in no time flat!

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