6 Signs that It’s the Time to Change your WordPress Web Hosting

What is WordPress in more straightforward terms?

Before, WordPress was a blog platform. It upgrades into more features, i.e., Content Management System (CMS).WordPress is an open-source CMS. It is a tool for people who want to build websites and blogs without coding experience.


  • WordPress is a free platform; anyone can install it, use it, and modify it.
  • It is the cheapest web hosting platform.
  • You can also download and use it right now with no money.
  • It is open-source. Anyone can participate.
  • WordPress has modern features. The features are standard.
  • It is very accessible.
  • Also, WordPress can be run on any website; it is versatile.
  • WordPress is a user-friendly platform.
  • It works on all screen sizes and devices. You can access your website through a laptop, tablet, cell phone, desktop, etc.


Web Hosting

It is a platform where you can host your website for personal and professional use; it also delivers power. Web hosting provides various technologies which make organizations and individuals publish their websites on the internet. It is a cheap domain and cheap hosting.

Six (6) Signs that It’s the Time to Change your WordPress Web Hosting:


  1. No sufficient customer support:

You can at least ask for customer support from your web hosting provider. Even cheap hosting for WordPress in India provides sufficient customer support. The users who expect 24*7 support are those who subscribe to your service. If there is terrible customer service, that will make your customers wait for hours or days. It shows that the customers are not necessary to you. Therefore, it can cause you to lose business.


  1. Your Web Host may suspend your account :

There are some reasons why a web host suspends your account. Suppose a virus attacks your website if there is some unethical activity or if the hosting charges are on due. Then, if you continue with the same host, it will result in more website downtime. Receiving maximum bandwidth allocation is a sign/symptom that your website is experiencing more traffic.

There are also many situations where WordPress might suspend. But before having your website suspended, they should inform you. . This is not a fair act. It will directly impact the customers who cannot access the website, Affecting the business’s sales and causing a lot of traffic loss. If this condition carries on, it will affect the search engine ranking and brand reputation. If the provider suddenly suspends your website and you cannot resolve this issue, you should change your web host.


  1. Not a satisfactory security:

Hacking can cause irreparable damage to your system, brand, and business. Corruption of data and massive compromisation of data can be present. The efforts that you have put in to build your business will be useless. Hacking is a significant sign that your web host provider needs to improve security. If they cannot notice the problem areas or provide sufficient resolution, you have to start looking for a new web host that can provide you with good security.


  1. Website is slow:

Visitors expect to load the website quickly when they come to any website. The user wants fast responses like quick click results, fast data input, and much more. But if your visitors leave your website, the leap rate of your website will increase, and the search engine ranking of your website will also slow down. You need to host it on the right platform to ensure that the website works well.


  1. Your hardware is out of fashion:

It is a big problem if your server has a limited capacity to handle the traffic. The servers that you use are self-own. It can show a need for upgrades that can be pretty expensive. The more your business grows, the more traffic you will come across. This is an excellent problem to have. You could expect the amount of space you need and then overestimate. Your need and wasting money on hardware that will go unused. In this case, it is better to go for elastic hosting that will put your mind to rest.


  1. Traffic spikes lead to reduce performance:

Added pressure shows the proper hardness and flexibility of any relationship. This same can be your connection to your web hosting provider. When your website receives a lot of traffic, the web hosting provider’s plan to handle such situations comes into play.

The main point is that your site should have lax downtime. So you get to ask the host to provide uptime during traffic. There are times when the traffic is so significant that it leads to rest. But there should be some ideas to limit to a minimum and bring it back online as soon as possible.



Once you find something which is working and supports your operation for a long time, it isn’t easy to move on from it. Submitting to change is hard. It is far too attractive to stick to a bad situation than to take the risk. However, you can find a better web hosting provider.

WordPress is designed correctly to improve the hosting of WordPress websites. WordPress is a user-friendly platform to work with and also very accessible. It uses by many blog and website users in the world. Your WordPress hosting should support your website and help it grow and secure.

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